Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Pirates and PBI

Another fun weekend in Weymouth and Poole. A couple of games of PBI at Entoyment in Poole. I used my raw Russian company, first time out of the box since buying them around 10 years ago! The day was arranged by Miles M and we were to use 1943 forces. I played against two German companies, played by Chris C and Mike H respectively. I lost both games (surprise!) but both were close. A real grind fest in both game.

I fought both of my games on this table which was a lovely with lots of scenery to help with cover but also hinder when it came to the tanks.

Martin and Chris clash somewhere in Burma

Simon and Colin in North Africa

Playtesting Pirates at PPHQ! The off table ship cards have tokens representing a ships relative crew, gun and sail strength. Wind direction plays a really important part. Cant wait to get my ships built and painted.

I'm churning out a load of AWI at the moment. British line, light, American rifles and Indians. It's a long time since I've painted up so much. Enjoying it at the moment. Just wish I could keep up this level of prodution for 6 months or so....my back log would be sorted in no time at all!

Tuesday, 25 September 2018


I've just realised this rather haphazard blog which has seen little activity for a couple of years or so has racked up over 100,000 views. Amazing considering I've let it lie dormant for so long.

This has given me a real spur to make mire of an effort. I've also racked up 200 posts (only 178 published though). Anyway I'm still amazed that after 10 years people still come here so thank you. I can't promise to keep this current run of posts going  but I'm going to give it a damn good try.

More soon....

Monday, 24 September 2018

The two pictures above are from Peter Pig demo games using the SHQ Mediterranean buildings. Martin has done a lovely job on both painting and customising them. I think there are 7 buildings in the range but Martin has added some lovely touches using bits from his scenery range. Things like a bicycle leaning against the wall or sawing one of the models in half and butting it up to another model making one larger building.

I'm very tempted to copy my mate Ades efforts at scratch building one or two pieces but think as I have so many of these same SHQ ones that Martin has, I'll use them. I think I have around 12 or 13 so only need 7 or 8 more for a good game. 

Saturday, 22 September 2018

Mediterranean Buildings for the Spanish Civil War

I've been looking for suitable buildings for a while for my SCW project. I do have some resin cast ones from SHQ I think, but they are pricey and for the new version of Bayonets and Ideology you need ideally around 20. So I'm going to experiment with these rather nice card buildings I have found on eBay. They are marketed as Mediterranean, but one pan tiles roof looks much like any other in my eyes! I shall report back on the results.

I give up...

....accounting for why I am so sporadic on updating this blog. But i can say I am glad that I have resisted the temptation to delete it.

It's now 10 years ago that I started this blog and looking back over posts from back then, I had a huge smile on my face remembering games, shows and friends.

I may or may not continue with content but suffice to say I am still painting Peter Pig figures, planning future purchases and looking forward to more games. Next weekend sees me back in Weymouth for Miles' annual PBI day. I may not be able to make the Weymouth weekend this year due to work but if there is anyway of getting there I will do.

Current priorities are buildings for the SCW, finishing off my AWI, getting the new Montagnards, and knocking out the Western figures for my first faction for the new rules.

I doubt there will be anymore shows this year. Warfare and Wargamer are the two remaining that I consider. Not sure I'll get to either of these due to work. I really would like to get to SELWG one year but travel time and cost make it a no go really. It would necessitate an overnight stay and cost around £120 which would buy me quite a few new figures. So not just yet...one day though!

Having said that Salute is still on the agenda having missed this year. It is a great day out with the lads from the club and a show unlike any other so plans are in place to make the 2019 version.

Ok hopefully more soon....or maybe not!

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Well well well!

Yes, once again, I have resurrected this blog from the dead. And it has been dead for some time now. My gaming has continued though and I have been frequenting the RFCM forum here (link over to the side too...)

Once again I find myself up to my neck in Peter Pig figures so not much has changed over the life of this blog which next year hits 10 years of age. Crikey. It is a fact that time does tick along at an ever increasing pace the older you get.

I'll add more later but for now I'll put up a few pictures of my recent gaming.

A Square Bashing game recreating part of Messines Ridge played last week at the Stoke club.

My Viking ships now with added sails downloaded from the Peter Pig website here

An image from a playtest session for the new version of Hey You in the Jail, Peter Pig's Western rules.

My latest Vietnam set up for the new version of Men of company B.

Lots going on. More to report on but for now, suffice to say, I am enjoying my gaming more than ever and am on a roll painting stuff up on a far more regular basis than I have for some time.

More soon...

Thursday, 1 June 2017