Wednesday, 26 December 2018

Plans for 2019

It's that time when we all start thinking about what the new year will hold for us on the hobby front.

I generally am far too much of a hobby butterfly to have any hope of sticking to i might consider as I type this. My interests can sometimes fluctuate between breakfast and lunch, never mind week to week or month to month. are some to consider and hopefully look back on come 12 months from now.

1. Play more games. I would like to aim for 1 a week but that may be too optimistic. Still reach for the stars and all that!

2. Finish off the rebuild of my Samurai and Wars of the Roses collections. The ACW and AWI collections are all but done (for now). These are my core collections of figures for my favourite periods. Also in this category is my ECW collection but they are also in a finished for now state.

3. Sort out my scenery. I've paid far to little attention to scenery over the years so some hill building and building building is in order.

4. Attend as many RFCM game days as possible. I already do this but I want to maintain this wherever possible throughout the year. There is a Viking day in February, Squarebashing in June and the weekender in November but hopefully there will be others.

5. Show attendance is less important to me these days but I imagine York, Alumwell, Salute, Hammerhead and the Partisans will be my definates. Probably 5 or 6 compared to over a dozen in previous years. Blame the internet and family life I suppose for the decline but I'll look forward to them all the same.

5 will do for now. Not too taxing. Let's see how I get on.

More soon....

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