Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Militairy Prints

With an interest in American Militiary history, Don Troiani has always held an appeal with myself. His pictures full of vitality, action and colour putting you at the heart of the action. His uniform depictions are also spot on and a great source of inspiration.

Here is 'Barksdales Charge, always one of my favourites.

'Bunker Hill'. A spirit of defiance in the eyes of the Patriots. One wonders what they are looking at?

Dale Gallons work is also up there but not quite as good as Troiani in my eyes.

Mark Churms' Bosworth

Samurai by Brian Palmer.

Often these prints offer painting inspiration and I would encourage those in a painting rut to use Google Images to stir them out of the doldrums and get a brush in their hand.

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