Friday, 24 December 2010

The Last Post

Likely for this year...

Well a bit of an up and down year personally and wargaming wise. Not near as much wargaming but understandable in the circunmstances. Via the joy that is the Smart Phone, I have managed to keep abreast of what has been going on in the industry and on the various forums across the net. But actual painting and gaming has been what might be termed as a 'fail'.

January and February and this past month have seen some productivity with AWI being the main theme. Peter Pig have now around 65 packs in the range and now includes Hessians. Somewhat impatiently, unable to resist some Friekorps 15 Dragoons, I have now painted a unit of 17th Dragoons for my British and the 3rd Conitnental Dragoons for the Yankees. Should Peter Pig release some then they will be replaced. I do have the Peter Pig Dragoons in Tarleton helmet which will be painted as British Legion and 4th Continental in due course.

Recentley released are Continental Line wearing hats. These will be painted as 2nd New Hampshire for the Yankees but I will also paint a unit of Loyalists, probably in a green coat. I'll probably end up with more units than fought in the real thing, but at least I'll have plenty of choice.

I'll end now. If chance I'll put up a full review of 2010 and list some hopeful plans for 2011.

More soon...

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