Wednesday, 9 March 2011


Well I am painting. Halfway through some AWI Indians, militia and also a limber for my CWB Rebs.
I am at Alumwell on Sunday and have an order for Hessians and cowboys placed and have vowed I must paint some figures by the end of the week to at least make a dent in the pile beofre I collect my new order.
Excited that there is an AK47 Reloaded event planned for September as well as STaB's annual PBI and CWB days listed for May and September respectfully. Hope to get to at least two of these.
I've added the picture of Martin demoing Washingtons Army just for the sake of adding a picture as I cant seem to get into gear to take pictures of my own stuff.
I am seriousley thinking of doing some ebaying in the next few weeks, mainly my Games Workshop stuff for which any sort of passion has drained away altogether. It will add some serious funds for hobby purchases, but not sure what I want to spend it on. The next two releases from Peter Pig are Hammerin Iron and Squarebashing. They are two classic games from the RFCM stable, both of which I have figures for. There maybe the odd purchase here and there to fill gaps, but nothing too onerous on the finances. Cowboys is a small expenditure project as will be pirates when I eventually get around to them.
So what period will be on the cards for next year? I suspect Peter Pig will have a complete new range on the cards for 2012, but I have no idea what. If I was asked to speculate how about the following half dozen periods:
1. US Mexican War
2. Further Colonial (maybe big battle Sudan)
3. Ancients (doubtful)
4. Crimean (also doubtful)
5. Maximillian Adventure
6. Sci Fi (possibility as Martin said he wanted to have another go at this following the sale of the old range)
7. Revisit of Hey you in the Jail?
Ok thats seven. I'll check back in 12 months time on this post to see if my powers of foresight are anywhere near the mark!
more soon...

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Ray Rousell said...

MAW would be nice, I did own some minifigs MAW but sold them for some silly reason. I'd like to get back to the period one day. The game at Cavilier looked good, I had a quick chat with the lads. I liked the bases with no figures on to help represent the gaps for light units, ,that was a cool idea. Great post, keep em coming.