Sunday, 19 June 2011


Life is returning to normal around here and I am just back from Weymouth where I played in the Peter Pig Battle day playing Washingtons Army.
As usual Martin Goddard put me up for the night and took me along to the Levellers club night for a warm up game. Myself and Michael took on Stewart and Alex. We suffered a heavy defeat which set the tone for the weekend.
There was 10 of us on the day and everyone had a great time with lots of banter and a nice fish and chip dinner. We played two games, morning and afternoon. I suspect if the location was more central then more players would turn up but to be honest it doesnt really matter as everyone knows each other and the games are played in a relaxed atmosphere.
I took late war Americans with the plan to be the atatcker in both games. Unfortunately I ended up defending. First game was against Paul Coker. This turned into a real blood bath and although Paul desptroyed more of my units and did eventually get his flank march onto the table in the last turn, I managed to claw alot of points back just by virtue of the amount of bases I managed to kill. Paul came out with a small win 68pts to 62. A great game that saw lots of action.
The afternoon game was against Ralph Ashdown. We have played before at the AK day last year where he beat me soundly. Same result I'm afraid. Again I ended up defending but in a postion where I had opportunity to attack in places. An early clash between one of my continentals and one of Ralphs line should have gone my way but the dice deserted me and my troops were sent packing. I never recovered from that point. Ralphs army was quite small with only six units, three of which were in his flank attack. Although only starting with three units on table seemed like a bad idea, Ralph won the flank march in the second turn and with lots of veterans and light troops my poor Americans were simply out classed and out played.
Attention is now turning to the revision of Squarebashing covering from around 1900 to 1925 or so. I have now dug out my old western front British and Germans for both the early and late war. I'm really looking forward to getting stuck into this project especially after the game we had at Martins the night before Fisticuffs.
I've now done a boat load of mdf templates for my Peter Pig games. I've been experimenting with adding texture to felt and the like without much success. I nearly cracked at Partizan and bought some from S&A scenics. For the price of two templates I bought a 4'x2' piece of mdf and have made 24 templates. Basically cut out an oval shape roughly 8"x5" and texutre with texutred paint mixed from borwn paint and sand with a little pva. drybrush, add static grass and done.
As usual no pictures as Lisa dropped the camera last week and we will have to shop around for a new one. Whichever camera we get wil definately have a good macro setting.


Timmy said...

Intriguing topic you choose to write on. I like the way you express yourself, how you underline, so to speak, specific areas, on which you want the reader's attention. Great stuff, thanks for sharing.

man and van in London

creakybiker said...

The Panasonic range of cameras, especially the more 'high end' with Leica lenses will meet all your macro needs.
The key is NOT to go for particularly huge zoom ranges there are huge issues with pincushion and barrel distortion on all compacts in this respect. Upto 8 is a decent compromise - 12/14 metal pixies are enough for prints up to A3.
There is a huge range of choices with both fixed and interchangeable lenses but you need to hold them to see which is most comfortable in the hand. A decent shop will allow you to take your own SD card along, take a few shots and then take them home to look at before deciding. Good luck

Nicolas said...

My personal Favorited for camera brand is Panasonic, but I have to admit that they are more functional in there low class, sometimes to make it work your pocket camare you should do some deep cleaning to it by bringing it to a professional