Sunday, 15 January 2012

Apologies for the poor formatting of the last post. It was actually written on a private forum and copy and paste obviousley messed it up a tad.

Currently painting up a variety of bits including:

1) Retinue cavalry for my Wars of the Roses
2) Tanks for Vietnam
3) Scots for WW1
4) Queens Rangers for AWI

Also starting to get excited about the upcoming show season. Starting with York on 5/2/12 which is followed the week after by a day in Yeovil with the playtest team for Square Bashing. Contemplating some puchases for Yeork. Probably the last few bits for late WW1.

The trailer for 'Birdsong' on the BBC looks good. Apparently the battle scenes are rather good. I've been put off 'Warhorse' at the cinema by reviews calling it 'Black Beauty' during the First World War. Opportunities to go to the cinema are few and far between at the moment so we tend to go for films we are pretty certain we'll both enjoy so this may have to wait until DVD release.

More soon...


Ray Rousell said...

Birdsong does look good, I've not read the book, but it does look as though it might be a little lovey dovey, I just want to see the action. Warhorse looks excellent, I don't care if its Black Beauty with a gas mask, as long as there's a lot of battlefield action! Even the Mrs wants to see it, which does make a difference from us arguing over what girlie film I'm not going to see!!

Sean said...

Seen it tonight. Schmaltzy and definately Black Beauty at war. The battle scenes are great but too short!! Authentic looking weapons/uniforms.