Thursday, 2 February 2012

Evidence of madness

These are my Wars of the Roses cavalry painted over the last week or so. They are all Peter Pig figures from their Bloody Barons range. 2 units of retinue horse, 1 unit of men at arms and around 6 or 7 mounted generals with companions. They are pre dip so look a tad bland here. They are now dipped and look rather nice.

The men at arms are actually made up of the mounted bodyguard figures and have alot more colour to them than other men at arms I have painted and probably more colour than is historically accurate. But they are my figures and the splash of colour looks nice! I'll try to add some close ups when they are based and varnished.

I have enough cavalry for all the scenarios in the Bloody Barons rule book now. I am just short of a few crew for the heavy guns and I will have all the figures I will ever need. My plan then will be to refight each of the battles in chronological order, starting with 1st St Albans.

More soon...

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