Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Progress on painting.

Just put the last stroke of paint on my Square Bashing 1914 French. I started them in January but have had a long hiatus since April. There are around 14 Infantry units, 9 guns, 8 MGs plus associated command and dead. I still have a unit of Dragoons to start. I am tempted to build a small contingent of Belgians maybe 3 Infantry units, 3 Mgs, a couple of guns and maybe a Cavalry unit. But lots to do in the mean time. In a small departure from Peter Pig games I took advantage of a sale at Alternative Armies and purchased a Human and an Orc army for Hordes of the Things. Once the French are done I will get these done in quick time. Results to follow. This weekend sees me back in Weymouth for a PBI competition at the Weymouth Warlords club. As per usual I am staying with Martin and attending the Levellers club on the Friday, most likely to brush away the PBI cobwebs. I will be taking my 1944 U.S. army as usual. A small report will put on here on my return. I have a real desire to get a Fields of Glory army finished at some point. I have the figures in Early Imperial Romans and Germans from Peter Pig and have two units of Romans done. If I could just dedicate some time to them I could get them finished in no time. Also nearing completion are my U.S. troops to fight Ade’s Mexicans in 1846-8 action. Diverse tastes or what! More soon.

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