Tuesday, 19 February 2013


I have just returned from watching Lincoln and have to say I really enjoyed it. I have heard the criticisms of 'boring' and 'wordy' but I disagree. Yes it is really just a load of hirsute men talking but i was gripped by the portrayal of Lincoln himself and the facts at hand.

I do question Lincolns motives for pushing hard for the 13th amendment. Were they from a morale or political standpoint? I have read the quote previousley that Lincoln would have freed all, some or none of the slaves if it meant preserving the Union. The film certainly takes the view that Lincolns over riding concern was emancipation at the risk of extending the war.

All the same the film was atmospheric, full of character and emotive. I was pleased with the ending and although close on three hours it didnt feel overly long. Some might quibble with the sentimentality or the portrayal of certain characters but i have no such reservations and will be adding it to my library when released on DVD for repeat viewings.


Monty said...

Useful review Sean and a film I intend to see eventually as DDL is probably my favourite actor. The only thing that has kept me away so far is Spielberg's tendency towards politically correct lecturing and smaltz; although this appears to be at a minimum here.

Sean Clark said...

I can not say the film is devoid of sentimentality, but it doesn't hinder the story in my opinion.

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