Tuesday, 12 May 2009


Just back from a weekend at Badminton Horse Trails. Not my thing really, but it is Lisa's passion and I did drag her around two battlefields a couple of weeks ago so no complaints and we did have a geat time with Martin and Vicks, Lisa's cousin and wife. Martin was a Major in the Light Infantry so I do enjoy discussing his experiences and training at Sandhurst. We has two excellent meals in Bath which I was visiting for the first time. A beautiful city well worth investigating.

I am on a real hiatus from painting. Nothing done for a month now, but it wont be long before I'm back at it. I still think I will surpass last years total easily. Partizan at the end of the month. Probably not much on the purchase front but hopefully inspiration to get cracking!

This weekend sees me at the STAB wargames club PBI day. Very excited but fully anticipate a sound thrashing. I have very little experience of PBI other than a couple of gamettes at shows. A full report will be forthcoming.

The new AK47 should be out in a couple of weeks so I anticipate several game of this to come along with some additions as they get released.

Also new on the horizon is 'Washingtons Wars', the next RFCM set covering the American War of Independance. I am on the playtest list for this and am looking forward to how these progress.

Sorry for lack of wargaming or photo content but hopefully this will change soon.

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