Thursday, 29 October 2009

Painting Challenge.

I am 507 points short of last years total . I had thought I was going to smash last years total but I may struggle. I will endeavour to push on and get past the 1500 mark at least but the early year prediction of 2000 seems a long way off. I am off work at the moment until a week on Tuesday so plan a real push.

I am going to set myself a challenge of 200 points before Tuesday 10th November. I will blog a daily report of how I am doing. I have ACW cavalry, WotR and Samurai to the fore but may dabble all over. Maybe some AK47, WW2, WW1, even SCW. Of course vehicles, cavalry, and buildings and the like earn me more points so by hook or by crook I pledge to get there!

I have an order prepared for Peter Pig for more Bloody Barons stuff plus some odds like the ACW civilians, some AK47 and a bit of PiTS stuff. However due to the postal strike I may look to get them at Warfare if I can get the time off work and therefore take advantage of the 10% show discount. No worries at the moment as i have plenty to be getting on with.

More soon...............

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