Thursday, 29 October 2009


Well blow me down. I'll go to the foot of my stairs. Would you adam and eve it. I've actually being painting figures! No pictures (suprise suprise). But I have actually but paint of lead followed by Army Painter. And there is more on the way. 15 Peter Pig AWI (pack 26) which are actually militia but I have done them as 6th Maryland, grey coat with green trim. Look the business, just need a command pack to finish them off (why didn't I get one at partizan?).

Also 18 Union troops for CWB. Dont tell anyone but they are some Essex minis but I wanted a unit in cloak coats which Peter Pig don't do. They aren't anywhere near as nice as PP but I have always liked the look of troops in overcoats bring back images from Gods and Generals and the Fredricksburg scenes. I will put some piccies up over the next couple of days using my new camera.

Also I had a long overdue clean up of my painting area. Now, we live in a lovely little two bed cottage in the middel of no where. Its quaint, quiet and cosy, but there isn't an awful lot of room so I make do with a table in our spare room that doubles as dressing room, ironing room and general dumping room. It is the only room we have yet to decorate since moving in a few years ago, having done the rest of the house bit by bit. As a consequence the room is often crammed with washing, ironing boards and the other detritus of modern living. And it does from time to time put me off sitting in there to do 'hobby'. Or as Lisa calls it 'Cutting and sticking'. At such times I have a nice padded tray that I use to paint on whilst watching tv.

After around 4 hours of sorting, sifting and shifting, it alls looks much better and inviting for me to sit in and work. It always amazes me that when I do one of these 'spring cleans' I generally come across something I have purchased at a show and then forgotten about or lost. Today I found the Reb cavalry I bought at Salute in April, put in a little bag and some how stuffed it in a box with a load of flock and lichen under my table. I had been wondering where they had got to!

I base coated a unti of levy and a unit of ashigaru for BAW yesterday. Feelign nervous about tackling them but they wont paint themselves. I did email Jase at the Bunker to see if he had room in his schedule but he is busy until after Christmas and I really want to crack on and get some bits done.

Right I am off to have a quick game of Washingtons Army using my home made counters.

More soon............

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