Saturday, 15 September 2012

Men of Company B

Men of Company B at the club last night with Barry taking on the role of the VC up against Ade and Keith as Company B 1st Battalion 25th Infantry Division somewhere near the Cambodian border.
Lots of jungle for the US to navigate through. They used helicopter insertion mainly as I had forgotten my M113's.
The US encountered heavy resistance and Keiths command were bogged down by slow movement and then dug in VC. They remained in a firefight for most of the game with one base o VC who refused to be budged.
Ades command faired slightly better but were hit hard by a VC ambush in some paddy fields outside the village. They took several casualties but managed to casevac the casualties.
It ended in a minor defeat for the US who scored -8 points. Everyone enjoyed it even though the umpire got some rules wrong. The frustration of 'Nam combat was experienced in US troops creeping up on what they thought was a VC position only for it to end up as nothing but whispering grass. Of course the game was accompanied by the Platoon soundtrack as every Vietnam wargame should be.
Above is a particulalry crap photo of the Peter Pig demo of 'Patrols in the Sudan - Gordons Alive' at Partizan. A nice tidy up of the original with some nice templates done by Julie!
Hopefully I am out of my wargaming funk now and back at it! More soon!


Ade said...

Thanks for putting the game on, I really enjoyed it. If Barry had wanted to finish the game earlier the result wouldn't have been so close.

Playing the game has made me go back and persevere in reading 'Charlie Don't Surf' from TFL; it looks really good. Umm, 10mm Pendraken...

the creative council said...

Back in the Nam, It’s been 10 years since I last played a Vietnam wargame using Body Count Rules. Tempted and may even invest in some Peter Pig Figures.....mmm that would be nice!!