Sunday, 17 August 2014

Painting Again

So I have been painting quite a bit over the last week or so. I have actually painted quite a bit over the last few months but that has been Warmachine, Deadzone and Dreadball stuff that I may post another time. The stuff in the photos is actually Peter Pig Vikings for the game 'Longships'. I have really enjoyed dropping back down to 15mm from the 28mm fantasy stuff.

 I have stuck to my tried and tested formula of basecoat and dip.

 Sorry about the pictures. They seem to have come out very small. The picture above is of the new chickens Peter Pig released a while ago. They are used as plunder for the Vikings to raid. Funny how you can get enjoyment out of painting something so obscure!

The above picture is the product of one afternoons painting. Mainly casualties but also pigs, barrels, sheep and a unit of Saxons. They are all at the stage of having been dipped and are awaiting the bases to be finished and then sprayed with a matt varnish. I have been painting up more Saxons this afternoon and I am fairly close to being able to put on a game.

I was interested to hear that the BBC are adapting the Saxon Chronicles by Bernard Cornwell. Hopefully it will have a suitable budget to do the series justice link here to the news story .I am actually two books behind in the series, the last one I read being The Burning Land. It looks like there is another book out this year titled The Empty Throne . I think I will pick up the two I am missing to get me in the mood.

I'm off to brush up on PBI3 ready for the weekend. More soon...

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