Saturday, 1 August 2015


A short update to cover the last 4 months or so.

Salute was a great day with several members of the Stoke club in attendance. I helped out a bit on the Peter Pig PBI  game along with Rob R and Tim C. I had a great time talking to Tim about various subjects and we both were of the opinion that you should always go for a kill rather than a pin in PBI!

I did speak briefly with a chap who claimed to be a fan of the blog (!!??), Steve I think. If you read this Steve, I'm so sorry I didn't get chance to talk to you about Regiment of Foote and yes, I should post more. Please email me at and we can swap notes on RoF.

Gaming wise I have managed a few games of PBI and 1 game of Longships. I have a game of Hammerin Iron lined up for Wednesday which I hope to report on. For the last 5 months of the year I aim to play at least 1 PP game per month. I hope to visit PP HQ later this month which should see a few games played. The Stoke club is in the middle of a Warmachine Journeyman League link that I am taking part in meaning it will have to be mid week games for a while.

I am just back from a trip to Germany via France and Belgium. We have friends who live in Morzheim in the Rhineland Palatinate and it was great to see them and other friends too. I love our trips to Germany but always find myself wondering what the places we visit were like 70 years ago. For one meal, Nicole, one of our hosts, had invited her grandparents to join us. Her grandfather was born in 1931 and I would love to speak with him about his early life and experiences, but his English and my German make it difficult! I am planning on taking some German courses over the next year, so maybe on our next trip there.

On our return on Wednesday, I had the urge to paint figures for the first time in an age and so have made progress on my ECW, I have painted all of the artillery crews, the dead markers plus a regiment of foote and one of horse. I am going to really try to push on to get these finished in the near future. This is alongside the ACW, AWI and Wars of the Roses. I have no shortage of figures to keep me busy.

As if I didn't have enough, I am going to take advantage of discount offer from PP for frequent customers. I always said that when the late war French WW1 range was released I would buy an army, so I have made a list and they will shortly join the leadpile.

No shows to report on. I plan to visit a show later in the year, Colours, Warfare or SELWG. I'm not sure which one yet. There has been a drastic reduction in the amount of shows I attend. I think I've managed 3 this year with Alumwell, Salute and Triples. Triples I can do with out. This year I went on the Sunday and it was dead with no atmosphere and very little trade going on from what I could see. I seem to recall there is talk of a change of venue for next year. I do wonder whether the days of 2 day shows is over. I'm not sure there is the appetite for them anymore. I maybe wrong but that's my feeling.

OK, enough for now. Lets see if I can post a few more times before the end of the year!

More soon....

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