Sunday, 16 August 2015

Men of Company B and Regiment of Foote

Barry E came over for a game of Men of Company B (MOCB) last week. I reckon we first played a Vietnam game together 20 years ago using the old Peter Pig rules 'Search and Destroy'. Barry has recently purchased the Men of Coy B rules and has been busy working out forces for himself.

I have US Marines and VC that I painted up years ago. I also have 3 Hueys, a few M113's and a couple of M48 tanks. I really should get some regular NVA at some point. You only really need a handful of figures for MOCB but I have so many projects on the go as per usual, they are way down on the list of priorities.

The game went really well. It was set in my ficitional Vung Bac province, in early '67. We kept things simple with no off table supprot for the US. Barry had 3 platoons of foot slogging grunts out on a search and destroy mission. The village of Vung Bac was the target with word of VC sympathisers been located in the area. Typical fare I know but it added to the game!

Despite an early set back where a platoon was ambushed by a HMG followed by an interrogation of a group of peasants that went wrong, the mission was a great success. The US suffered no casualties and recovered a large amount of stores and caches. The small VC platoon was destroyed and effectiveness in the area has been greatly reduced for some time.

 Vung Bac province from a reconnaissance photo (hence the poor quality...) 

The unfortunate incident with the group of peasants.

The US cautiously approach the village.

Job done and time to call in the slicks.

MOCB is a game I really enjoy as its quick and bloody. The sneaky use of the VC also appeals although I didn't play them particularly well this time.

I spent Thursday and Friday in Weymouth with Martin at PP HQ playtesting the new Regiment of Foote. 5 games in all, including 3 siege games. Had a great time and managed ot pick up a few figures too. I also had a go at casting a few figures which was nice!

More soon...

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