Tuesday, 5 July 2016

I like to trawl the internet for images of Peter Pig figures in action. I hope to do this a bit more and add the images here. I'm a bit lazy and don't make notes of who the figures belong to but I figure that if the images are freely available then I'll imply permission to use here. I am only looking to admire their work and share it to a wider audience after all. Apologies if any one takes offence. I will remove any images that offend.


Dannoc said...

Hi Sean
Just admiring the peter pig pics and thought the Mexicans looked familiar. They're some of a bunch I did last year.
I was going to say 'hey' but then I saw your text and thought I'd say hi instead.
Thanks for sharing this image.
Great blog.
Cheers Dan

Sean Clark said...

Cheers Dan! Sorry for not crediting you. I enjoyed seeing your build up of your collection for Hey you in the Jail.