Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Tempus Fugit

Countless blog authors start a new post with an explanation of why they haven't blogged recently. I'm not one of them.

My enthusiasm continues to wax and wane and I have stopped wondering why, It is what it is and my life is different now to when I started this blog. One thing that hasn't changed is my enjoyment of Peter Pig games so it was with pleasure that I discovered  a forum had been created to discuss all things Pig which can be found here: Rules for the Common Man forum

This is intended to replace the old yahoo group that provided sterling service over the years but has fallen by the wayside somewhat over the last couple of years. At its peak it would receive hundreds of messages a month but its now down to just a handful. The forum has started very strongly and I hope it continues to grow and create debate.

Project wise I have began to model terrain boards for a Somme Square bashing game. This is using old TSS tiles left over from the Stoke club. I have dug down into them to create the trenches and I am now in the process of adding the details to the trench. Then just the figures to paint. Hopefully all in time for the Peter Pig weekend at the end of November.

Jeff D has kindle offered his services to paint some AWI for me. He is an excellent painter and I'm really looking forward to seeing what he has done with my figures. My ACW and AWI collections are both now close to completion (as if you ever complete a collection!). Once they are done, my attention will turn to my Samurai and Wars of the Roses stuff which will be rebuilt in due course. The figures have been mostly purchased. I'm not in any particular rush but would like them all done by this time next year.

Peter Pig are currently redoing their Vietnam rules, Men of Company B. They are being re imagined along the lines of the 'Wrath of Vikings' rules so square based. I'm hoping to get my first look at them on a trip down to Weymouth this weekend. It's Miles M's annual PBI shindig in Bournemouth but I'm travelling to Weymouth as per usual on Friday and staying with Martin G. Looking forward to it!

No promises on my next post. Hopefully not another 9 months :-)

More soon....

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