Monday, 13 April 2009

Club Night

Some pictures from Fridays club night. I hosted a game of Civil War Battles for Ade and Keith. They played out Salem Church from the scenarios in the rulebook. Remarkably the game only lasted 4 turns, Ade as the Rebs who were defending rolled 5, 6, 4 and 3 on the game countdown. This saved him from defeat, as Keith just didnt have the time to get across the table, though he made a good fist of it. Couple of interesting events were Keith charging into the church yard and beating Ade by 11 on the falter test, kicking out Ades brigade and also a devastating volley of musketry killing 1 and a 1/2 bases of Rebs. Poor motivation rolls by Ade hampered his defence.

A good game. Next time I will use the pregame sequence.

All figures and buildngs are Peter Pig. The green mat is the Games Workshop Battle mat, cut to 6'x3', with the remainder used for wood templates. Dead teddy bears, astroturf and carpet tiles used for fields.

Here we see Keiths Bluebellys in the church yard.

Keiths boys on the advance.

Ade put his unit of Lousiana boys behind this wall.

Reb guns lined up to deliver shot and shell.

Somoe more Rebs looking towards Salem church.

Union troops making steady progress.

Had a good night at the club chatting to mates. A couple of pictures from other rooms. First is the large Napoleonics room ith a battle that started before Christmas. This picture shows the 12'x6' table crammed with probably over a thousand beautifully painted 28mm Napoleonics (mainly Front Rank) owned in the main by John Barlow..
Rules used are a very old computer moderated set by a company called SoftwareTactics (SoTa) that were written for the Spectrum 128k. Stefan (pictures to the right recently used an emulator programme to run them on an old PC. These rules have been played at our club for 20 years and are great for big multi player games. Sat at the computer is 'young' John, a relatively new member. Also playing are Tom Barlow, Matt Barlow (not related) and 'young' Ben. Great fun. This is a ficitonal enounter sometime in 1813 with French and Bavarians fighting Russians and Prussians for control of a village and surrounding hills. Very tactical play with fortunes swinging back and forth. This is the table that the Hammerin Iron photos from a few months ago was played on.

The shelving behind John hold thousands of 28mm and 15mm figures and boardgames and scenary. Lots of scenary stored below the table too.
This picture shows the start of a recreation of the Battle of Issus, played in what is known as the Renaisannce room!

Mal, Keith, Dave, Dave and Jase (of the Bunker) are playing using the 'Crusader' rules. this game will last for a couple of weeks or so. These guys play a wide variety of periods. Mal used to game with Peter Gilder! Some of the figures in use here are 40 years old! This table is 10'x6'. Off screen to the right is another room with an 8'x4' table. Mal has a large Samurai castle in 28mm scratch built by Jase. Very nice.

Painting continues with more Wars of the Roses!
More soon!

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