Thursday, 16 April 2009

Exciting times in the Clark house as we are test driving some new cars over the next couple of days and then on Monday going upto York for a few days, hopefully taking in Marston Moor and if Lisa can stand it, Towton too.

The new car thing is exciting because I change cars very infrequently, prefering to spen money on other things, but the time has come. I'll let you know which we go for. Which ever it is, I'll still be taking the 5 year old 1 litre Corsa to work due to the travelling I have to do and keeping cost of petrol down.

Not much time for painting this week or next. I will sneak in an hour or so here or there, but no paint fests for a week or two.

Reading 'Dissolution' by CJ Sansom at the moment about a young lawyer in the early 16th century trying to solve a murder at a monastery. Going well so far.

Just ordered study books for Part 1 exams coming up in Spetember which is a necessary evil and will likely take up alot of free time, particulary end of July and August, but once done, followed by Part 2 in February March, I wont have to do any more.

Work beckons so more soon!

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