Saturday, 3 November 2012

This is the PiTS

Had a great night at the club last night. Everyone seemed on top form with lots of good conversation and banter (thanks Kev and Jase!). I took Patrols in the Sudan (PiTS) the "Gordons Alive" edition. This is essentialy the 2nd edition of the rules which cleans up a few bits and pieces. Barry was the guinea pig and took the roll of the plucky British patrol sent out to find the enemy in hostile territory. As per usual all figures are Peter Pig. An overview of the table.
Some sneaky Fuzzies in an area of scrub. Or are they? In the game, units of Fuzzies pop up all over the place in various bits of scenery and can disappear from sight only to appear elsewhere.
Those plucky British. What is nicely reflected in the game is the awesome firepower of the disciplined British using volley fire which is deadly for the Fuzzy caught out in the open. However if those fuzzies manage to charge home then it will be a desperate fiht for the British.
In our game, this unit of Fuzzies were classed as veteran and proved deadly on the charge.
Barry got the hang of the rules quickly and we had a cracking game albiet we didnt manage to finish it due to chatting and me looking up rules. I promise next week when we play again to have a better grip of whats going on! It was nice to get some complementary comments from other club members who seemed genuinely interested in the game. At Partizan I picked up some extra bits and pieces including Dervish troops and scenery bits. I hope to get some of these done for a rerun next Friday. Its a few years since these figures were out. In fact if you flick back to around 2008 you will see these figures on there first outing with the late great Martyn 'Six' Smith taking the part of the British. Playing with them last night brouht some nostalgia for the old lad back. Its coming up on two years since Martyn left us and he is still fondly remembered and missed by all who had the pleasure to have met him A couple of old pictures from back in the day. First a photo from the Crewe show, sometime around the mid 90's. Martyn is the quizzical looking one with the moustache. A young John and Tom are in action too. This was Guildford Courthouse using Mark Whites beautiful Front Rank figures.
This is a massive game of Warhammer from the 'Sentry' show. Possibly late 90's?. Martin is givin the cheesy grin to camera with a young Matt, Jamie and Mark in the background.
Keep rolling them 6's old lad! More soon.

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