Saturday, 8 December 2012

Vikings (1)

For playtesting 'Longships' I have taken advantage of Lancashire Games seasonal discount of 15%. For £65.00 I have bought a Viking and a Saxon army. I shall use these pending Peter Pig releasing their own range then gradually replace the Lanchashire figures. I will then either sell them or else turn them into DBX/FOG armies.

I hope to sit down tonight and look at getting around 250 figures ready to paint in production line method. I like to spray basecoat my figures and I fancy doing something different with these to see just how fast I can get them done. The vikings will predominately be in reds blues and greens with greys and browns mixed in. I am thinking of either dividing the figures up and spraying them in strips of the various colours, then minimal detailing and dip. Or spraying them all white, washing the base colour on, minimal detailing and then dip.

The Saxons will be in scarlets, browns, dark green, deep blues whites and purples using the same method. Of course they will be pretty much interchangeable. Again the aim is for speed and not worrying about neatness.

The aim is to get these done by the new year to start proper play testing instead of 'theoryising' whilst looking forward to the Peter Pig sculpts. There is hopefully a playtest in February and it would be nice to turn up with two painted armies.

Ok glue, stanley knife, card painting strips all to hand. Wish me luck I'm going in!

More soon...

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