Sunday, 30 December 2012

Vikings 2

I managed to paint the Anglo Saxon army from Lancashire Games before Christmas. They only took around 4 hours over two sessions. They are rough and ready but good enough for some proper playtesting.

The Vikings are sprayed and ready to go and should take around the same length of time. Whilst painting i have been listening to the audio book of Swordsong by Bernard Cornwell. This is the fourth in the Uhtred saga and inspiring stuff it is too if slightly repetitive. I have found another author, Giles Kristian who has written a trilogy of Viking books set slightly earlier than Cornwell. I have made a start on the first and it is quite promising.

Also this is the first post using my new Ipad. If all goes well I may start posting more frequently from it as adding pictures seems to be a doddle!

Martin at Peter Pig has promised pictures of the first Viking sculpts some time soon so keep checking the website out.

More soon...

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