Wednesday, 5 December 2012

O Tannenbaum

The Christmas Tree is up in the Buckets of Dice household, much to the delight of my daughter who now recognises Santa and all the trappings. I played a blinder as 'Scrooge', trying to get the tree to stay upright and fighting with lights and tinsel.

As always its worth the effort in the end.

The 1914 French are finished, or should that be 'fini'.

I procrastinated something rotten on getting these done but with the completion of a unit of Dragoons I can say they are ready for battle. Unfortunately their debut has been delayed through a combination of manflu and then my car needing a new windscreen.

They should make a nice contrast in their blue and red. Particulalry the two zouave units.

I have 9 'soixante quinze' field guns which was one of the most effective guns of the war. They are alongside 6 machine guns and the French Higher Command base. The command is a bit boring at the minute, just three officers standing around. I plan to do something more interesting with the base when I can think of something!

These are the new barricades from Peter Pig, specifically the urban version. They are designed to be the hasty works a defender gets at the start of a game of Square Bashing. They really are lovely pieces with barrels, mattresses, a piano and even a coffin going to make up the barricade. I can see these having lots of uses. There are four pieces in all measuring around 5".

This is my crossroads objective for Square Bashing. I have christened it Hellfire Crossroads. Clearly an important piece of road judging by the amount of shelling around it. No direct hits yet though!

This is another objective piece, the destroyed chateaux. Shelling has clearly been more effective on this building, now a shadow of its former self which was actually a walled farm from Mainly Militairy if I remember correctly, bought many years ago and damaged during several house moves.

So lots done but not much gaming to report. I did attend Warfare which I will report on in the next post. I have also taken advantage of the 20% discount dished out by Peter Pig and I'll discuss how I put that to use later.

More soon...


 Ashley said...

All very nice and shiny. Well done, as that is a lot of work.

Sean Clark said...

Thanks Ashley!