Saturday, 5 July 2008

AK47 and bits

No pictures, but Keith, Ade and Mark had their baptism with AK47 last night. Ade and Mark were the Peoples Popular Front with Keith being the Dictatorship.

Peoples Popular Front

1. Militia
2 x Tanks (standard)
120 pts
2. Militia
2 x Tanks (standard)
120 pts
3. Militia
8 x S/A bases (56), 2 x RPG’s bases (14), 1 x Hmg base (14)
84 pts
4. Militia
4 x S/Abases (28), 1 x Hmg base (14), 2 x Mortar bases (40)
82 pts
5. Regular
6 x S/A bases (60), 2 x RPG’s bases (20), 2 x Trucks (20)
100 pts

Popular Leader
25 pts

Political manoeuvre
69 pts

The Dictatorship

1. Militia
5 x S/A bases (35), 1 x Hmg base (14), 1 x Mortar base (20)
69 pts
2. Militia
5 x S/A bases (35), 1 x Hmg base (14), 1 x Mortar base (20)
69 pts
3. Regular
4 x Toyotas with Hmg’s (100), 2 x Toyotas with RCL Gun’s (40)
140 pts
4. Regular
2 x A/Cars with Hmg’s (60), 6 x S/A bases (60), 2 x RPG’s bases (20), 2 x Trucks (20)
160 pts
5, Regular
2 x A/Cars with Tank Gun (80)
80 pts

Dictator Leader
25 pts

Political Manoeuvre
57 pts

Following th Politcal Flow charts, the game was probably won! Keith upgraded unit 1 from militia to regular and managed to arm all but 1 of the small arms bases with HMG's. Then with typical luck, during Ade's politcal manouvre, he upgraded one of Keiths units by one level and Keith rightly chose unit 1 who were now Professional! With 5 HMG's!

To be honest the army lists I used were the stock arnies from the Peter Pig ready made armies. In hindsight, they aren't very good with lots of militia as units 1 and 2 (which are generally the first units on the table. Common convention in most AK armies is to have professional or Regular troops on first to take a foothold and follow that up with militia. Oh well!

Ade won the dice off for attacker (using the optional rule of roll 1 dice for every 5 political points, most 5's or 6's becomes the attacker). Then with more typical luck Ade only got on 2 units of militia to attack Keiths 2 units, one of which was the professionals, who occupied the shanty town and were never going to be shifted. Keiths other unit was the Toyota technicals.

When Ade lost one of his T55's to HMG fire in turn 1 or 2, we knew this game was going only one way. Even when turn 4 came around and Ade and Mark got on all of their off table units, it was a touugh ask. Ade managed to occupy a jungle template where he had put his 10pt objective, but the 20pt and 30pt objective were in one of the shanty town templates and at the road crossroads that dissected the shantys and they were guarded by Keiths pros.

Mark made a valiant attempt with 2 more militia tanks and a large unit of militia foot troops, but Keiths technicals played a blinder and took both out.

In the end it was a massacre to Keith, who went away writing the histroy books. The game was part of a small solo campaign I am running. The narrative being that despite free election in umBongo, a central west African state formally colonised by Belguim, no clear winner emerged following allegations of vote rigging. The town of Mumptu was one of many where re counts were ordered. Keiths army led by General Chumbawumbo got their first and held off the PPF who were looking to balance the ballot some what. Chumbawumbo is now off counting the votes for himself....

On another note, Jase Hurst of 'the Bunker13' painting service and a member of my club has finished the first unit of Levy Ashigaru for my Battles in the Age of War samurai game. And they are fantastic. Pictures will e forthcoming but you can find his link at...

At £1 for a 15mm figure including basing, he offers excellent value for money. He is very busy however! Highly recommended.

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