Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Ok here are the boys in blue well under way

A close up of some boys 'pre-dip' and 'post-dip'. No highlighting or shading, just basic colour over the blue spray paint then Army Painter brushed on.

This is the army done after 2 days pretty much solid work, breakig off for the odd pizza and Euro football game. 195 foot figures, 7 generals and 6 guns. Not bad.

Army painter really is great. OK its gloss varnish with paint added but, it does what it says on the tin. I used the 'dark tone' and having painted a load of ECW, AK47, WW2 for PBI and now a Civil Wars Battles army, I am half way through my first tin. I do give the figures a coat of polyurethene matt varnish (from B&Q) to take most of the gloss off them, leaving more of a satin finish. My figures are now bomb proof!
I may experiment with adding paint to my gloss varnish, but to be honest I may just stick with AP. I reckon I will get the Rebs done plus a few other bits with the rest of my first tin. That will be 3-4 15mm armies around 800 figures) for £18, so pretty good value. I have put links to Wallord Games and Stafford games who both stock the stuff.