Monday, 7 July 2008

Paint Fest

Last night Keith came around to see for himself the wonders of''Army Painter' (AP). We sat and shot the breeze for around four hours talking wargaming, films, wargaming, figures, painting, get the idea!
Anyway, I demonstrated the effect by slapping a bit of paint straight onto some Peter Pig Roman Legionairies. No undercoat, a bit of red on the shield and tunic, a brown strap, gold on the shield boss, flesh.....then slap pn Army Painter. After around 10 minutes of painting I had done 8 of these.
So, no undercoat. No basecoat. The metal bits on the figure are the bare metal covered in AP. Keith nearly fell off his chair. "Its the future and I have tasted it!" he said.
So he got to work on some Warhamster High Elves. Although I grew a beard in the time it took him to paint two bases including the command base below, I think he was please with the result.

Meanwhile I had painted a whole Viet Cong army for 'Men of Company B' (ok only 36 figures, but not bad!).

To finish the night Keith got to work on a High Elf General on warhawk.

Which I think you will agree turned out nice! I painted a unit of 18 Confederates for 'Civil War Battles'.

The end result for me for the evening was :

8 Roman Legionaires

3 Ancient Germans

18 Confederate infantry

1 boar (!)

36 Viet Cong.

Keith did a unit of archers, along with what you see above. Later today we are going along to Stafford Games to buy some more of this mystical product. I still have about half a tin left, but it wont hurt to stock up!

No bids on the Orcs yet!

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