Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Regiment of Foote action

A game of Regiment of Foote at my club last Friday. The first game for Ade, who took the Parliamentarian forces.

Ade is looking forward to the challenge ahead!

One last check of the rules!
The armies deploy...

In the 'campaign' section, Ade lost a several bases from a regiment of foote and gained an extra first fire that he put on his veteran troops. I lost one base of horse, but only managed 4 marches to Ade's 5 so he was attacker. During the late/lost phase, I lost a 2 regiments of foote and 1 of horse. So I was very much on the back foote! Ade also managed to remove a hill from my deployment zone, meaning I was defending, with nothing to defend!
Here Ade is pointing to his right wing troops, most of whom were conscripts, with a level 3 general commanding. Not a good combination. They got a bit lost in the wood to their front and to be honest, not much happened here.

Different in the centre though where Ade pushed on with 4 solid regiments of foote to my 3. His were bigger than mine and he had a veteran and 3 trained units to my 2 trained and 1 conscript. This 'push of pike' is between Ade's blue coat veterans and my red coat conscripts. A bloody tussle won by Ade but at great cost!

The situation in the centre earlier in the battle. My left wing had a level 4 general who failed to inspire the regiment of horse with him to do anything in the whole game!
Here my right wing cavalry with some commanded musketeers prepare to face the onslaught of Roundhead horse. I faired better down this flank and fought and won two melees.

We reached 7 on the countdown clock at around 11.45pm so decided to call it a day with advantage with Ade, but only just. A great game and we are looking at a rematch in a couple of weeks or so! AK47 next week though.

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