Friday, 13 March 2009


Martyn and Keith came ove last night for a game of Regiment of Foote. They played out my 'Edgehill' scenario, It was Keiths first time with the rules but he picked them up really quickly.

The battle was historically a stalemate, althought it did mean the war continued whereas if the King had lost badly it could of all been over by Christmas.

The terrain was very open, with a slight rise in the ground towards the Parliament positions and some enclosures on each flank.

The armies used are pretty much those contained in the Peter Pig 'Black Box' range of ready made armies. I bought one each of the early war Royalist and Parliament armies. I have added to them since.

Again we used the proposed modifications fight sheet with an amendment for charger cavalry, giving them +2D6 on the turn they charge in. We thought they worked really well.

We played until 11pm and with the turn count down to 2, we called it a day. Keith who took the part of the King won the day with a narrow victory despite being outnumbered slghtly and asked to attack. After the first turn in which he suffered a couple of reverses, I think Keith thought he had his work cut out and was blaming the scenario designer for stacking the odds against him, however things came good with the Royalist horse outclassing their Roundhead counterparts on both wings.

Here we see Keith in the role of King Charles I, dunking a digestive.

Martyn, playing the Roundheads thought it a good idea to hide some musketeers in the enclosures on Keiths right wing. Sneaky!

Here we see first clash of ruperts horse (on the left) against the puritanical Parliamentarians. Trained horse verses Conscript. Although the Roundheads held their own initially Ruperts boys took the day and true to form rode off to loot the baggage train.

Push of pike with the Kings foote to the left, outnumbered but giving it their all.

Martyn, in the guise of the Earl of Essex indicates to the camera that he has just lost two units in two succesive fights. A bit careless, but there you go!

The end is nigh. Martyn had some bad luck. He rolled snakeeyes for succesive motivation rolls and Keith in one exchange of musketry in the centre delivered the most devastating volley I have seen causing the loss of two whole bases. Combined with some damage from artillery in the same turn, Martyn had to put alot of soldiers back into their box. Keith won the day on the wings. Although he had the upper hand in the centre, neither side could get their troops to engage.

Friends again! It was hard fought and Martyn bore his bad luck well. It was tea,biscuits and chat afterwards. A good game with a lot of laughs.
I am pleased with the scenario, which I think is ready to go.
During the day yesterday I painted 62 more figures. 24 were some 'boy soldiers' for my AK47 collection and 38 Scots Lowland foote for my Marston Moore scenario. All had the Army Painter 'Strong' dip applied which looks nice.
More painting today, probably 10th New York for CWB. They are a Zouave unit with brown jackets and turbans. Finished up my templates yesterday and started to paint the S&A scenics bits to fit in more with my figure basing.
Things are moving along well. I am preparing my order for Salute which will consist of mainly 15mm Samurai. I was planning on getting these at Newark but I hope to play in Stewart Meechams 'Battles in the Age of War' day on 15th August 2009 so I need to get going as soon as possible on these. I am pseaking to Jase Hurst of the 'Bunker' painting service later to see if he can squeeze in a few units for me. He is a member of my club so hopefully see him tonight. I am planning a test of my 'Naseby' scenario at the club tonight so I'll let you know how that goes.
I am travelling to Salute by train which is a first for me. Should be quite exciting. I should get into London at 9am which gives me an hour to get to Excell. According to various public transport websites for London, it is an hour from Euston to Excell, so pending any disaster I should be there at opening time or just after. I imagine there will be a sizeable que anyway so no big deal if I am half an hour late or so. Really looking forward to having a go at Peter Pigs AK47 gamette, demoing the new rules. Other bits I would like are a few 'bits' terrain wise, a Louisana flag for my Tigers in 15mm, maybe some more Army Painter and the 15mm ACW bands from Essex! Oh and some standing generals as well for a couple of dioramas I have planned. These may well be the only none Peter Pig figures I buy this year and thats only because they dont do a 15mm band!
More soon.

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Donogh said...

I'm contemplating starting a Civil War project and Edgehill seems like a good battle to aim for.
Where did you get the scenario for this?