Sunday, 8 March 2009

Even More Photos and Alumwell.

Firstly some photos from a recent playtest of the new AK47 Republic. These are coming along nicely and I think the doom mongers and naysayers will be pleasantly suprised. They are a definate step foward. The game lloks different to the old system due to the 6x3 table and foot bases having to form groups of 3 bases in what I think of as 'fireteams'. Systems will be familiar to people who play other RFCM games. The pre-game system is great. I think initially people were worried that it may take too long but it has been streamlined and in the game from which the pictures were taken, from sitting down at the table to moving the first unit in anger took less than 20 minutes which I think is quite acceptable. That will reduce further with familiarity. It included setting up of terrain, sorting out troops in the reserve box and other bits as well as '15 Days to War' which I think is an improvement on the old political flow charts. The new army types are great too!

Here we see Martyn blowing up my tanks which I thought was a bit mean, but then thats war.

This is Martyn showing off his 'Reserve Box'. Unluckily for him not much of this actually got on the table. He also failed to achieve any success with the 'Assets' system which would of helped his cause. I wont go into how assets work, but its good fun!

Here are some of my troops sheltering in a village. Not much happened here but its a nice picture.

Today I went to the Alumwell show, now held at the Aldersey Leisure Village just outside Wolverhampton. The old show was one of the best of the year and it has taken some time for it to find its feet at the new venue but I think it is getting there. The major draw for me is Peter Pigs attendance meaning a 10% discount on pre show orders and a chance to chat to Martin and the team. I played the Battles in the Age of War gamette, playing the defender with a very enthusiastic chap called Vince. We lost but I had good fun routing one of attackers mounted Samurai units and then winning a challenge at the end of the game.
Had a good long chat with Stuart Meecham about the Piggy hobby and inparticular painting and collecting. Discussed some bits with Martin about the new AK. Nigel very kindly designed me a PBI German early war army for Stalingrad using mostly the new greatcoat figures. Cant wait to get them going.
Stuart invited me down to Weymouth for a Battles in the Age of War day which I hopefully can attend.

Nice figures from the Samurai game.

Martin discussing the finer points of Battles in the Age of War.

I restricted myself to my preorder with Peter Pig as well as a few other essentials including flock and some Army Painter Strong tone. Some nice games on display as usual. David Bickley and Phil Robinson had a lovely 28mm ACW using Dixon figures. There was aslo a great looking ECW siege game with troops attacking a castle. Lots of teddy bear fur terrain in evidence which looks good but I dont feel would suit 15mm. AWI, Seven Years War, Zulus and WW2 were in evidence too.
Next up show wise is Salute. Not sure I am definately going yet. If Tom and John from the club go, I may join them or get the train. Then its Triples in April.
Got home around 5pm and got stuck into painting the Lousiana Tigers for CWB which I had been putting off for a while. Got through them in no time and they look not too bad. Used the strong tone Army Painter on them so will be interesting tomorrow to see how they come out (its difficult to see when they are still wet under artificial light).
More soon.

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