Tuesday, 24 March 2009

While the cats away...

I waved Lisa away on her hols on Sunday and no sooner had the door shut on her than I got out the brushes and kicked my Bloody Barons painting into gear.

As of today I have 4 units done with some household troops nearly finished. I have been slower than I thought, mainly due to unfamiliarity with the figures, but I think I will soon pick up to my usual speed. This afternoon I have prepared 4 more units which I aim to have done by the weekend. I am pinching the basing for these figures from Stewart Meecham. My usual basing is brown flock followed by a light drybrush with a creamy colour followed by patches of static grass. However following a conversation at my club on Friday I have had a rethink about how I do things. A valid point was made that the trend of an earthy coloured base with patches of grass is all well and good if your base boards are in the same style. The idea of nice bases is to blend them into their surroundings. Yet most games are played on green mats or sheets of one kind or another save for perhaps a lucky few with purpose built scenary. As Mal at the club pointed out, the earth/grass mix can look a bit odd marching across a pure green mat, reducing the aesthetic somewhat.

Hence I have nicked Stewarts basing method of mixing green flock with a bit of brown and a little bit of gravel and clump foliage. Then PVA the base, dip in your mix, use a spray varnish to fix and your done. Like most gamers I am always tinkering with how I do things. The Bloody Barons collection is now commited to this style of base. Not saying I wont change my mind for the next collection but I am happy with the result so far.

Watched 'Gods and Generals' this afternoon. Now I know this was slated by critics and the gaming population at large, but I love it. The character scenes are slightly 'twee', particulalry between Jackson and his servant but on the whole I would give this film 4/5. The battle scenes are inspirational. Trouble is it makes me want to paint some Union troops in greatcoats which of course Peter Pig dont do. I may have to look to Essex at Salute on Saturday for a unit to model with an Irish flag.

Also took myself to see 'Watchmen' yesterday. Having read the graphic novel in the late 80's and hearing some of the less than complimentary reviews I was cautious but in the end needn't have worried. It really was excellent, but feel Lisa would have struggled with it. Knowledge of the plot cerainly helped me and I feel a novice might struggle with the plot. This really is a dark film with some graphic violence. Rating 4/5.

Some pictures will be coming of the basing I talked about as well as a planned step by step of my painting technique for those interested.

More soon.

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