Monday, 30 March 2009


Just a quick word to update on progress and thoughts.

Due to working nights last night and tonight I have had no time to sort out my purchases to add to the pledge. Dont think it will tip me over into negative equity! Might be close though.

I have now painted 7 units for Bloody Barons so cracking along nicely. Thats just 8 days from project start. If i can complete by end of June I will be very pleased. Then onto Samurai. I do have a head start on this with the stuff done by Jase at the Bunker.

I won an early war Russian PBI army on Ebay at the weekend. Great timing as I was planning some Russians to fight my early war Germans bought at Alumwell. They are on snow bases too which I had i mind for when I get the Germans done.

Triples at the weekend. No major purchases planned but I am sure something will catch my eye. After tonight I am off until next Monday. I plan to try and paint another 4 units ( 96 figures) for Bloody Barons. We'll see.

On the book front I have ordered the Osprey Campaign books on Bosworth and Towton and have also succumbed to the Militairy Book Club again to take advantage of their offer on the 'Gettysburg Companion.' Also getting a couple of good books on WW2 and the 'Trafalger Companion'. Looking forward to those. I generally only join for the 12 months and then leave and always rnd up having saved a great deal of money on books I would probably have bought anyway.

More soon.

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