Sunday, 8 March 2009


Three photos from Berlin. I didn't take many becaucse they are on my phone and the quality is not great!

This is actually a photo of a photo! It is on display on a wall close to Checkpoint Charlie with others documenting the history of the area. It shows Soviet and American tanks facing off across the Checkpoint. I suspect this is the closest the two super powers troops ever came to eaxh other. Just imagine what one slip of the finger could of done here!

The Brandenburg Gate. Having just watched 'The Nazis - A Warning from History' which has a scene of a torch lit parade walking towards where I am standing sometime in the mid 1930's at the height of Hitlers powers. Awe inspiring.

This is a bit random. It is the Brandenburg gate from the top of the Reichstag. It is on the opposite side of to where the Russian soldier raised the red fkag.
More shortly!

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