Thursday, 12 February 2009

End of an era

When I first started wargaming Wargames Illustrates was the magazine of choice with Miniature Wargames and Practical Wargaming a nice to have rather than need. Of course this was pre internet making the monthly fix my only connection with the wider world of the hobby outside of my local club.

I wont say that I enjoyed every article (Ever Victorious Army/Darkest Africa/Pirates), but in the main news of upcoming shows, new releases and the photographs grabbed me every time.

Of late I have only picked up the odd copy here and there, Battlegames being my choice read. I do feel there is still a place for the printed magazine, but it is rare that a piece of news hits me first from a magazine rather than TMP or one of the many YahooGroups I follow.

News that Battlefront have bought WI has shocked me. Ok so the halcyon days may have gone but I have grave doubts about the future of the magazine. Hopefully BF will resist the temptation to make WI the historical White Dwarf and still accept articles for rival products. We will have to wait and see. I predict more WW2 articles featuring Flames of War. It will be interesting to see if they were to accept a submission based on PBI. Time will tell.

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