Sunday, 1 February 2009

York show

After spending the evening at a Charity Ball, I was slightly under the weather on the drive upto York this morning. Two and a bit hours I arrived just after 10.30am where I met Keith Martin and Tonk from the Stoke club.

As usual I wondered around checking out where everything was and scanning the demo games. York is one of the largest one day shows with an excellent mix of traders and games in a light and airy venue. Some very nice games on display with the award for top game going to (I think) the Ilkley Lads with a large WW2 Desert game in 28mm. They took my vote for the scenary really which was TSS tiles with a excellent desert effect painted on top. There was a massive 28mm Shiloh by the Like a Stonewall group which was nice, but somehow 'too big', with not enough trees and ugly yellow card unit markers.

As the first show for me of the year, I couldnt resist adding to the lead pile, buying the balance of the figures for the Bloody Barons Towton scenario. As well as these I got a few paints and brushes, the charming 'Tusk I, II and III' rules from Irregular Miniatures with the 'Sir Harry and his hunting party' figure pack and the new ACW buildings from Peter PigI also played Battles in the Age of War with Stuart (Meecham?) from Peter Pig. Very enjoyable. Had a nice chat with Stuart about all things Piggie as well as a chat with Nigel about the new AK47 which I am quite excited about. Nigel also kindly took an order for some scenary to collect at the Alumwell show. Overall a very enjoyable day, catching up with the lads, wandering aimlessly around the various games and stands and of course spending some money.

A big plus was arranging a game or two with Martin and Keith. Hopefully a game of Regiment of Foote followed by a trail of the new AK47. Mrs Clark is out shopping all day tomorrow so I plan a day of painting which is a good job really because a lot of snow is on the way! Not decided what to tackle yet, possibly to finish the basing of my ACW which I spent alot of yesterday doing, and maybe crack on with Vietnam bits. Maybe a couple of scenary bits for ECW too.

Apologies for no pictures but I lost my digital camera a few weeks ago and although my phone has a good camera, I always forget to use it!

More next week.

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