Thursday, 5 February 2009

A few thoughts before work

I am on a real Peter Pig kick at the minute and just cant find enough time to do all I want to. I have had a slow start to the year painting wise, but January is always a bit slow on the gaming front due to work, birthdays and other social events that keep me away from my brushes.

I have just finished the new Peter Pig ACW buildings, using my new philosophy of slap the paint on and wash it with Games Workshops Devlan Mud, Ogryn Flesh or Army Painter (APd). They wont win any prizes but look nice for the amount of work put in. I have also APd'd a unit of Rebs and a unit of Union that I painted last year in my old style of black undercoat and two highlights. I wasn't going to bother but they fit in better now with my armies.

Just finished some AK47 civilians too that look nice with minimal effort as well as a camera crew. I have looking at me a giraffe, a rhino, some pigs and cattle as well as a couple of crocodiles. Funny the things we wargamers collect isn't it?

Plans for this month are to get the ACW figures on table, finish up a couple of ECW bits along with my PBI armies. March should see me starting my Wars of the Roses armies for Bloody Barons. I have enough figures for the Towton scenario but will paint the forces for Blore Heath (just down the road from me) to get me going. Then its Samurai for the Battles in the Age of War. Somewhere in there will be new bits for AK47 as they come out to promote the new version of AK47 Republic. I would love to fit in some Hey You in the Jail and also some bits and bobs for Patrols in the Sudan. Last but not least maybe, just maybe, some Spanish Civil War. Oh and of course Men of Company B.

Too ambitious? Moi? With my reputation? This year will be a record breaking year for me painting wise. Last year I didn't really get going unitl Partizan in May wher I bought my first tin of Army Painter. That tin is still going though I do have a second tin waiting in the wings. I have been using the Dark Tone which is basically black. I may try the Strong tone which is dark brown when I go ot Alumwell in March.

Any way time to get ready for work. More later!

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