Sunday, 22 February 2009

Templates and Scenary

Most RFCM rules use templates for area scenary like woods, villages and the like. I have been using various colours of felt cut into interesting shapes up until now. This afternoon I cut up a load of lino floor tiles which I intend to texture and flock. They should look really nice when done. The lino is great as you can cut it with scissors but is pretty tough. If they do warp slightly you can just bend it back into shape. The templates are roughly 8"x6" which is half an A4 piece of paper. The RFCM rules state that the templates can be an inch or so either up or down from this size. Also two templates can be butted up together to make a larger area. Its a great system to lay out your terrain. I may do some road pieces. I currentley use the S&A scenics felt pieces but they do look a bit stylised. I will gradually replace all my bits of scenary to look how I want. For any demo/participation type games at shows I will build specific boards with scenary items sculpted on to them.

I will try some pictures tomorrow.

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