Thursday, 19 February 2009

Points system

Just updated my points system to take account of scenary bits. I think I am under selling myself with 5 points for a building as it probably takes more than 5 times as long to paint a building as it does a foot figure.

Last years tally did not necessarily include basing of figures, but now I only count figures that are based to score points. This has had the consequence that I have only just finished basing figures I painted 6 months ago which has eaten into my painting time for this month. All basing is now done however so from this point each point has to be earnt!

My aim is to hit 2ooo points for the year. Thats only 170 or so points a month. I CAN turn that out in a couple of days or so, but not often. I am on course so far. My wife is away skiing at the end of March so I plan a paint fest over that week (leaving an hour for frantic cleaning just before she gets home of course!). I am thinking this will be the start of my Wars of the Roses. I will aim to do the prep on these before hand and will aim to do 200 figures over the week.

I am way up on my 'pledge' (paint more than I buy). Of course I may actually buy MORE figures than I paint but because I score points for scenary and more points for vehicles, the balance should work in my favour. Maybe I should 'point up' each purchase.

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