Saturday, 21 February 2009

More Regiment of Foote and MOCB

Painted a unit of Foote for RoF today. A yellow coat regiment which looks nice. Only took me an hour and they look quite nice if I do say so myself.

Also painted up 4 of the M113's. Two of these are the older models by Peter Pig which were replaced some time last year. The newer ones are slightly wider and have some stowage. I did have some problems sticking the new ones together but I am fairly happy with them now. I was going to use the older two for my AK47 as UN vehicles but got carried away and all four are now painted in Olive Drab ready to head out towards Saigon with some new grunts.

I have been rearranging my figures into the Kaiser Rushworth cases. Thes really are excellent cases and great value for money. I use the 'D2' trays which are pick and pluck fitting 40 3cmx3cm bases to a tray and 4 trays to a case. I now have one box for my Union CWB army, one for my Reb CWB army, one for my AK47 stuff, one for my PBI stuff and one for odds and ends which has the MOCB collection in at the minute. I intend to get more of these as my PITS collection is still loose in a cardboard box and my ECW collection remains in box files due to the amount of pikes and horse. Highly recommended.

Hopefully a gameat home this week, possibly Tuesday. Not sure what yet. I do fancy another RoF game testing the Edgehill scenario.

More soon.

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