Tuesday, 3 November 2009

And another thing...COW

I am a member of Wargames Developments and thoroughly enjoy The Nuggett detailing their activities particularly at COW (Conference of Wargamers for those in hte know). I am seriousley contemplating going to COW next year. Been meaning to for some time to be honest. Expensive at over £200 but it does sound the place to be if you want cutting edge gaming and thought provoking discussion. As a somewhat shy type though, I am told all of the single rooms are already allocated and I would have to share with a stranger. Now I've got nothing to hide you understand but not since my backpacking trips as a teenager have I shared a room with a complete stranger and I have some reservations about inflicitng my ablutions with anyone but my wife and closest of muckers.

Pretty sure I will bite the bullet. I could always take a tent I suppose!

Forgot to do my running total. I have not included the fencing I made in my weekly total but have added it onto my yearly figure.

Today: 24 Total for the Week: 249

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Trebian said...

Sorry to say you can't take a tent, - they stopped people camping in the grounds a few years ago!

I've shared on a few occasions (once with Mr Pig!) and it isn't that bad, - the rooms are a good size and en-suite.

Not that you spend much time in them.

And the £200 isn't that bad. That's full board for two nights, - cooked breakfast, lunch & evening meal plus coffee/tea and biscuits & cakes - and the freedom to do some really interesting gaming.