Saturday, 7 November 2009

Best game in ages!

Last night Keith and I had a great game of Civil War Battles. It was an unusal club night in that we were the only attendees from our room which is unusual as we normally turn out 5 or 6 regulars. The rest of the club was well attended and throughout the evening several popped in to have a look at what was going on.

This was the first time Keith had played CWB using the pre-game sequence and we had a real blast with it. We rolled off for who played Union or Reb with Keith taking the blue bellies. It was also the first time either of us had used cavalry (rude not too having painted them up this week). Keith had two units of raw cavalry and I had 1 unit of veteran.

Despite me putting more dice into being the attacker, Keith won out beating me by 1. I coped well with the lates/lost sequence only losing half a dozen bases and two units out aside as reinforcements. On the events section there were a few swings in fortune. Most interesting was Keith winning the cavalry event meaning he could put one of his cavalry units in any scenary piece of the table. Which he promptly did, placing one of his units in a wood behind my lines and very close to the farm objective. This had dire consequences for my Corps general who was now the closest target. First turn of the game the dismounted cavalry opened up and popped my general between the eyes.

The performance of the dismounted cavalry was a theme as both sides units performed very well. Maybe too well, with them being able to ignore the first hits against them and moving through scenary without penalty.

The game swung backwards and forwards with Keiths inital attack against the farm objective being beaten back and then coming on again to take the farm by games end. The 'far' objective was the rocky hill which I managed to hold up until the game end when a brave veteran brigade finally succumbed to concentrated artillery fire and the Union infantry advance that ground onwards.

We played from around 8pm finishing at about 12.30am, mainly due to chatting and shooting the breeze. The game countdown after 8 turns was still on 7 which was a result of me rolling lots of 1's and 2's, meaning that my boys were always going to struggle to hold the objectives. The final result was 120 points to Keith 25 points to me. Which is a 'War won' result for Keith.

So a sound thrashing for the rebs and a defeat that would take some time to recover from. Fortunatley the Union are reknowned for tardiness in following up success so the Confederacy will live to fight another day!

John B came into to watch the final turns and was unsuprised to see my lack of battlefield success. I think he was intrigued enough to want a game so I will sort one out as soon as possible. I had to leave my stuff at the club due to the late hour though so it wont be this week.

No photos as I forgot to take the box brownie. I used a new cloth that I painted on roads and sprayed in various greens and browns. Looked very nice. The cloth itself was the green felt sold buy S&A Scenics

with templates for the woods made out of the left overs from cutting the cloth down to 6'x3'.

No painting yesterday. I may try and get some done today but in all likelihood tomorrow will be the next brush time as Lisa is out at a health spa.

More soon....

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