Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Sorting out

I spent tonight sorting out my Peter Pig purchases, Wars of the Roses and Samurai, prepping them to go under the brush tomorrow. The Wars of the Roses will get a spray of bleached bone whilst the Samurai will be base coated in black (using black emulsion paint as per Graham Evans tip). Lisa is on nights tonight and will be in bed all day leaving me free most of the day to crack on.

Other purchases were several buildings from Terrain Warehouse including several English type structures for ECW/WotR and some Japanese dwellings for BAW. You can never have too many buildings! I like the idea of a town covering an area around 12"x8" with a few peasants and the odd wagon to populate it.

I also picked up some bits from QRF for my AK47 collection which will be getting some attention soon. A couple of T62's some trucks and a couple of Landrovers.

I also put the finishing touches to a load of rocky ground bits I have had on the go along with hills and rocky outcrops for my desert scenary. All done and looking rather nice if I do say so myself.

I was back at the Doctors yesterday and he still isn't happy with me despite some improvement. Looks like I am off for a bit longer, which helps with the lead pile but is very frustrating otherwise. I feel pretty good and despite over doing it at the weekend haven't had too much of a headache since. The tablets do knock me out somewhat though so I am still not driving any distance.

More soon...........

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