Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Painting points

Church from Peter Pig. Based on 6" square of cork tile for PBI

Pair of Normandy houses with rear yards again on 6" square of cork.

Pair of Normandy shops.

Of interest only to myself is the fact that I passed points total for last year a couple of days ago. Not bad considering i had fallen so far behind schedule. I guess a knock on the head has its benefits after all! Can I push onto 2000 points by years end? No reason why not. I have on the go at the moment 5 large buildings from Peter Pigs Normandy range. I painted some of these a couple of years ago and sold them for a very good price on Ebay. I may base them up on the cork tiles again but undecided as yet. Each of these will earn me 10 painting points. Possibly under selling myself as I would say they take longer to paint than 10 figures but I'll stick to my system of 5 points per building. Each of the Peter Pig models is actually two buildings joined together.
I finished my early war Russians for PBI too, but still undecided whether to go with snowy bases on them. I have 4 T34's and 2 self propelled guns (possibly SU100's but I'm not much of a tanky) on the go. Again I'm undecided whether to do them in a white wash scheme or not. There was a nice article in Wargames Illustrated a couple of months ago where you paint the tanks green then put toothpaste onto areas of the tank where paint would wear off through general use. Then spray the tank white, let it dry before rubbing off the toothpaste creating an effect of paint chipping. Sounds a bit too much like Military Modelling to me and I'm a wargamer so I may just go down the 'paint it green and weather it with some brown paint' route.
I'll let you know and put up some pictures.
I am now going to Warfare (http://www.readingwargames.co.uk/warfare.asp) as Lisa is visiting friends just outside Reading. Due to doctors orders I can't drive any distance at the moment hence missing Stewart Meechams Bloody Barons day in a couple of weeks. So an order will be going into Peter Pig later tonight or tomorrow to replenish the reduced lead pile.
Looking forward to it as although I went to September Partizan I went from a night shift and was knackered and at Derby I only went for a couple of hours due to work in the afternoon. Its a good show that I went to a couple of years ago (maybe 5?) at which I bought Patrols in the Sudan. I'll also be looking for an impulse buy or two!
Oh, and following advice from the great and the good at Wargames Developments (see link), I have decided to go to the Conference of Wargamers next year. More on this soon.

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