Thursday, 5 November 2009

Day 7

This is my last post for the big push. Seven days of intense painting have seen me score a grand total of 309 points. Today I got through the unfinished Ashigaru plus a unit of 18 Samurai and 18 Ronin. I have painted 6 units for Battles in the Age of War which considering I had been worrying about isn't too bad in my book. If I had another week like this one I could be playing a 500 point game the week after!

The Samurai by Peter Pig really are very nice and for a novice painter of Sengoku period miniatures they have proven remarkably easy with one or too bits of artistic licence here and there. From three feet away they really do look the business. I may do a group shot of all of the figures painted in the last seven days tomorrow or else over the weekend.

Still waiting on Neil Thomas' Ancient and Medieval Wargaming which is no bad thing as it will surely distract me somewhat when it does come. Should find out tonight whether or not I can make Warfare at the end of the month to place my pre Christmas Peter Pig order.

Today: 60 Total for the Week: 309

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