Friday 27 June 2008

Civil War Battles in a day!

At Brixcon I was discussing with a few people my intention to try and paint a Civil War Battles army in a day using the 'Army Painter' dip method (actually, brushed on).

Well Wednesday and Thursday my wife was away so it was a perfect opportunity to give it a go.

First things first, a nice cup of tea.

On the telly, some inspiration in the form of Ken Burns 'Civil War'.

And in front of me a tray of lovely Peter Pig figures. All nice and shiny and waiting for some paint. 195 foot figures (including markers for the game) and 7 mounted (officers and generals).

First things first. Spray the figures with the blue spray paint from Army Painter.

Next comes actually isong a brush!

Wednesday 25 June 2008

New blog

First post of a new blog. The aim is to showcase wargaming hobby which is almost exclusively involves rules and figures produced by

Peter Pig produce 15mm figures in a wide variety of ranges. They also produce probably the most innovative rules out there at the moment. They have an ethos of fun above all else, whilst enabling you to play a plausible game to a conclusion in around 2-3 hours. Most of the rulesets have a 'pre-game' sequence that develops an on table scenario meaning every game is different as opposed to lining up two equal point armies all the time.

Visit their website for more details or the RFCM group at YahooGroups at .

I have painted around 900 figures from Peter Pig this year alone and at the moment collect figures in the following periods (with the associated RFCM rules)

1. Englsih Civil War - Regiment of Foote
2. American Civil War - Civil War Battles
3. Wars of the Roses - Bloody Barons
4. WW2 - PBI
5. Vietnam - Men of Company B
6. Modern Africa - AK47 Republic
7. American Civil War Riverine - Hammerin Iron
8. Samurai - Battles in the Age of War
9. Spanish Civil War - Bayonets and Ideology
10. World War 1 - Square Bashing
11. Ancients - Conquerors and Kings
12. Old West - Hey! You in the Jail!
13 Sudan - Patrols in the Sudan

In fact the only ranges by Peter Pig I dont have figures for and dont currently play are Pieces of Eight (I have the rules but no figures), the two Sci Fi ranges, Company and AD2222 and Warfare in the age of Magic (I have just bought these off Ebay).

I am currently painting my American Civil War armies. these are the thrid generation of Peter Pig ACW figures I have collected. the previous two having being sold off. No more of that however. I have now settled on only gaming 15mm using Peter Pig rules and figures. Nothing else floats my boat past the stage of an inital peak of interest. I was briefly tempted with French Indian Wars but have far too much going on else where as you can see above!

The next post should have some pictures of my collection. I am lined up for a game of Regiment of Foote at my local club on Friday so pictures of this will be coming too.



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