Friday 20 August 2010

Baby on board

Around three weeks until D-Day. Unfortunately at a scan yesterday we discovered baby is breech. We go into hospital on Monday to see if it can be turned using a technique called 'External Cephalic Version'. If it works Lisa can go through natural childbirth, if not she will have an elective caesarian, probably on 6th September.

Exciting times. And I turn 40 on Wednesday. Mmmmm.

Take a deep breath and ......... relax.

Martin Goddard - You Tube star

Martin talks about Washingtons Army rules.

Battles in the Age of Weymouth

In late July a merry band of wargamers met in a church hall in Weymouth to recreate battles from the Sengoku period.

For once I wasn't the furthest travelled. That went to Kevan Gunn seen here in the yellow.

This is a picture of my attack on Chris Cunninghams Daimyo sitting pretty in his Maku. Chris cleverly put his large mounted Hatomoto unit in front of me which was akin to a brick wall.

Not sure whose playing here but it looks like a good game!

An overview of the hall.

A nice picture of a game in progress on Peter Pigs lovely scenary board. This gives you a good idea of how a game looks.

Stewart in the red 'Levellers' shirt organised the day. For the second year running, he won. It's all down to the Ikko Ikki. Stewart is trying to look humble. Martin is still in shock from my diabolical tactics when he partnered me in the last game.

The Band of Brothers

A great days gaming which Lisa and myself turned into a weekend staying in a picturesque village of Piddletrenthide.

Stewart organised a great day with no hitches and lots of smiles and laughs. Looking forward to the next one.