Monday 21 November 2011


So, here I am again 5 months later and with not alot to report.
Life continues of course with work and family. But wargaming has become a hobby I follow rather than do. Up until a couple of weeks ago I had done very little painting or gaming over the intervening time. I missed a couple of Peter Pig events due to breakdown of car and babysitting duties at various points. Club attendance has been sporadic with more visits for social purposes than gaming. And show attendance has been non existant.
However a couple of weeks ago I did get fired up again, by what I'm not sure. But my WW1 Squarebashing project is coming on great leaps all of a sudden. I have scenary started for the game. I have purchased the excellent Wings of War game and a few of the ready painted planes to go with it. I am reading Richard Holmes' "Tommy". and at the weekend I am in Weymouth for some Squarebashing playtesting.
So, who knows, maybe i'll start to post a few pictures and get blogging a bit more again.
More soon...