Tuesday 15 September 2009


Apparentley there has been suspicious actitvity on my google account meaning this blog has been dead for a while. This has conicided with a reduction in my wargaming due to work, ill health and lethargy.

Hopefully I am back in the saddle now and went to Partizan last Sunday where I picked up a couple of samples of the new AWI range from Peter Pig as well as a set each of the new ivory and purple Piggy dice just to complete my set.

I have painted another two units for my WotR project and have a real urge to paint my Samurai stuff up now.

I am just back from a holiday in Eygpt, Jordan and Israel which has also spurred me onto get out my PiTS stuff again.

And....drum roll......we bought a new camera for the holiday which I will put to good use in the next few weeks.

More soon!