Monday 8 August 2022

Painting Sudan

 With a new vigour for painting and some motivation to get things done, I ordered a Dervish army from Peter Pig a couple of weeks ago and painted them up over the last few days. For some reason, I thought that they'd be relatively easy to get done. However, they felt like a real slog! It perhaps didn't help that I did them all at once - 192 infantry, 32 cavalry plus guns, wounded and dead.

Anyway here they are. Basing still to do. When I've had a few days break from them, I'll get that sorted, but holidays are looming so realistically it'll be September before I get to play with them.

Nothing special, just basecoat and Agrax Earthshade wash, but they are tabletop ready.

I'm down in Weymouth this weekend for an ECW day on Saturday. I've placed a pre-order for 2 Russian Civil War armies that will be my main focus for a while. I've also ordered the Mexican wars Rebel army. An expensive order, but that will be the majority of my spending for the rest of the year. I'll likely place an order to collect at the Weymouth Wargames Weekender. More of thast another time.

More soon...